2018 - released

“Zvicra” is a documentary on the search for identity in Switzerland.

Description: With its massive immigrant population, Switzerland has always been a place of a double search: first, how is the country’s DNA evolving as it constantly redefines itself? Second, how do these foreigners articulate their search for identity in the midst of uncertainty and constant need to define the “self” in tangible terms? “Zvicra” (which means "Switzerland" in Albanian) highlights the complexity of lost and rediscovered identities in Switzerland, a country that is destined to adapt to ever-increasing population arrivals. The film tackles the question through 7 Albanian characters whose  community is one of the most important of the country.

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Running time
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Fisnik Maxhuni
Benoît Goncerut
Fisnik Maxhuni
Benoît Goncerut

Visceral Films (Lausanne)
with the support of the Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)

Jules Guarneri
Jules Guarneri
Boris Gétaz
Antoine Brack

65 minutes
French, Albanian, German (english subtitles)
Summer 2018

  • Biennale internationale des Bobines d'ici (BIBI) - February 2019
  • Festival Cinéma Méditéranéen de Bruxelles - December 2018
  • Tirana International Film Festival - November 2018
  • DokuFest Prizren - August 2018 (international premiere)


The 2nd largest foreign population in Switzerland is Albanian, and this is reflected in the DNA of the Swiss society, at all levels, especially football : the Swiss National Football team had 6 players of Albanian origin in the starting-eleven at the EURO 2016. What is more, Switzerland and Albania were drawn in the same group, thus creating the opportunity for these players to play against their former country of origin. On the opposite side of the pitch, Albania will play with around 8 players having lived in Switzerland and possessing both nationalities, but who eventually decided to play for Albania. Switzerland’s position on the issue of immigration and its impacts on society comes with a search within this Albanian population to define itself: how can one’s definition of the ‘self’ encompass all layers associated to identity?

This film will look at the intricacies of how to juggle between integration and origins, mostly through the lens of football. Such a documentary, because it highlights the complexity of lost and rediscovered identities in a society that is destined to adapt to ever-increasing population arrivals, seems more relevant than ever. By giving the voice to the concerned people "Crossed calls" will study this new generation of « the new Swiss » through several key characters, each giving a particular insight on this issue. Thus, the film will offer insights into what it means to be 'Swiss' today, as well as trying to understand the associated possibilities and limitations, while always offering a very universal way to study the subject.

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