the rise and fall of democracy in the Deunited States of America

“The Sleepwalkers” is a hybrid documentary shot during the election period in Autumn 2016 in the United States of America.

Logline: At the dawn of massive political and social changes in the United States, are the  forgotten of the system, « the sleepwalkers » able to emerge from their sleep?

Film narration based on Alexis de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America” (1835).

currently in post-production.
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Running time
Release date
Fisnik Maxhuni

Frédéric Steimer
Pierre-Olivier Chenu
Visceral Films

Fisnik Maxhuni
Frédéric Steimer
Pierre-Olivier Chenu
Olof Grind
Jules Guarneri
Kostas Makrinos
Boris Gétaz
65 minutes
planned for Autumn 2019

Synopsis: October 2016; as the American presidential campaign in in full swing, three young European filmmakers furrow down the roads of the Southern States, down the trails of the Trump vote; Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. Drowned in the immensity of the American territory and confronted to their inherent difficulties and quandaries of making a film, the three filmmakers will paint through their encounters with the forgotten and left behind citizens, the Trump militants and their adversaries, a portray of today’s America at the dusk of the Obama era.

Director's statement : Just like the American people, I built the image, the territoriality and the politics of the America society through films. With only that element that surrounds my construction of the USA, that would be enough to give me the will to make a film. However, taking into account that cinematographic desire and mix it with the political carousel that’s animating the USA at the moment results in a quasi-necessity to develop my artistic desire into a film. Indeed, the narrative opportunity offered by the election period in the USA is unique, in the sense that it deploys in front of me all the elements to make a film charged with high stakes. It is those stakes, be they political, social or economic that the Moritz Pialat Collective wants to use as pretexts to create a film that will rather expose a ‘state of things’ in today’s America than talk about hard politics. The battle for power between Trump and Clinton is therefore the ideal setting for this investigation, halfway between a social and political documentary in the USA in 2016.

Visceral Films