French title: “Challandes: coup de sifflet final”.

"Challandes: coup de sifflet final" (”The Final Whistle”) is a TV documentary project written and directed by Fisnik Maxhuni and Benoît Goncerut.

Description: After an international and successful career as a football manager, Bernard Challandes - from Neuchâtel, Switzerland - embarked at the age of 70 on a new perilous challenge : coach the Kosovo National Football Team, the youngest football national team in the world.
The film will follow his new mission as well as his personal life: the portrait of a man who constantly delays the ineluctable final whistle on his life and his career.

currently in post-production.
Directed by

Written by


Running time
Release date
Fisnik Maxhuni
Benoît Goncerut
Fisnik Maxhuni
Benoît Goncerut

Close-Up (Genève)
Flavia Zanon
Joëlle Bertossa
Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)
Gaspard Lamunière
Steven Artels
in coproduction with
Visceral Films

Jules Guarneri
Kostas Makrinos
to be determined
52 minutes
planned for Autumn 2019

The film project is also the recipient of the 2018 BCN Fonds Culturel award.

Visceral Films
Fisnik Maxhuni