2020 - in post-production

“Nostromo” is a documentary shot in the Northwestern Territories of Canada.

Description: For the past 20 years, Olivier, a Frenchman, has lived on his own on a small island lended to him by First Nations people.
He is there alone, 200 kilometers from Yellowknife, the only city of Northwestern Territories in Canada.
One day, three visitors land on the island and distrupt his peace.

Currently in post-production, with the support of Cinéforom and Loterie Romande.
Directed by

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Running time Release date
Fisnik Maxhuni

Fisnik Maxhuni

Close-Up (Flavia Zanon, Genève) in co-production with Visceral Films

Jules Guarneri
Fisnik Maxhuni
Kostas Makrinos

Nicolas Rabaeus

81 min.

planned for late 2020 / early 2021

Screenshots with colour-grading (final).