Ministry of Memories (English title)
2015 - released

“Ministarstvo Sjećanja” (”Ministry of Memories”) is short film shot in Sarajevo, in collaboration with Béla Tarr’s Film Factory.

Logline:  Sarajevo. Winter. Night. Two guys stroll around at night in Sarajevo. During their walks, they witness the changes induced by the night. Their inner feelings are constantly reverberating against what they see and hear.

Directed by
Written by

Cinematography and sound
Running time
Release date

Fisnik Maxhuni
Alain Guillebeau
ECAL (Lausanne)
HEAD (Geneva)

Film.Factory (Sarajevo)

Fisnik Maxhuni
Alain Guillebeau
Kostas Makrinos

14 minutes
Summer 2015
VO French, Swiss-German / subtitles available in French, English, German

”Dragi Sarajevo,
T’oublies or not t’oublies.
En toi je ne peux m’empêcher de voir, Le miroir de mon histoire.
Nos histoires vues à la télévision, Incrédulité poussée à la déraison”.